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Treasure hunting couple finds the most wholesome discovery

Meet Ryan Parsons. Judging by his metal detectors, he’s a little bit of a treasure hunter. Like any other good boyfriend, he decided to take his lady friend Lisa on her first hunting experience. It’s important to share your interests and hobbies, and yes, it’s OK if the other doesn’t enjoy what you’re into… But Ryan had something up his sleeve to make her first time treasure hunting something to remember forever.

The Discovery

It was a cold morning in April 2017, when the couple set out on their hunt for buried treasure. It was Lisa’s first metal detecting excursion, and Ryan couldn’t contain his excitement. The first time the metal detector alerted them to something, he scrabbled to uncover it.

Lisa was excited to be on this excursion with her boyfriend. She loved spending time together, and this was quite a new adventure for her. She was starting to really enjoy his hobby, but she wasn’t expecting to unearth some mysterious object from the past that was worth millions! But as he dug up whatever was hiding underneath, she couldn’t help but feel excited.

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Pulling his gloves on, Ryan started to carefully dig until he found something small and round underneath the soil. He lifted the coin out from the dirt and gently wiped away the damp earth from its surface. It was a coin from the 1800s! Lisa was overjoyed that they had found something. But what other forgotten treasure would the couple find?

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