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The happiest relationships have these 10 things in common

Can a relationship survive and make both partners happy in this fast-paced world we all live in?How much time can we really set a side to work on our relationship, help it grow and evolve? Can we have a healthy and happy relationship nowadays? Well, experts say yes, everything is possible, as long as you make an effort to see it happen.

We know that there are many happy couples out there, strong relationships and we often wonder how do they do it? Well, if you ask them they’ll all tell you one thing, happiness is not something that comes naturally, no matter how long the relationship is, you have to invest in it if you want to make it last. You need to work hard on it and commit to its development, as a couple, with joint efforts, otherwise it can all fall apart rather quickly.

Many happy couples in long-lasting relationships realize that the time they have during the day is limited, we only have that much hours in a day, so they have to make it a habit to dedicate some time of that day to one another. Many couples also admit that the time before going to bed is best spent with your partner and the little things they do before bedtime are the things that make their relationship stronger. Those precious few minutes before dozing off to sleep can make a lot of difference and make your relationship last longer, evolve and get stronger.

Here are the best bedtime habits all happy couples practice before going to bed and the routines you should adopt if you want to make your relationship stronger:

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