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  • #2. Instead of shoving all your belts into a drawer, create a belt rack out of your other hangers. Just install cup hooks into a wooden clamp hanger.
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    Need More Space In your Home? this article is for you

    18 Solutions to Add Space to Any Home

    Trying to keep a home organized can be incredibly tough, especially if you’re the type to own a lot of items. You start to pack things away without any rhyme or reason, and suddenly you don’t know what is where. you need extra storage space, but how would you do that in a small area? Some […] More

  • The pterocarpus angolensis or bloodwood tree can be found in various parts of Africa like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, and Zaire, among others.
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    Meet The Bloodwood Tree That’s A Real-Life Halloween Nightmare.

    It’s an argument that goes back and forth; do plants feel? They do not have a brain or nervous system that tells them they are being hurt. Still, from the smallest to the tallest plants and trees, they all know to instinctively moving towards sunlight. According to the Institute for Applied Physics at the University […] More

  • Referee looking just as terrified while spending a fun night with his homegirls.

    The top Funniest Photoshop Battles In The History Of Human Laughter.

    challenge not to laugh ! IMPOSSIBLE

    living in the generation we do, you always have to question how authentic a photo on the Internet is. Is it completely untampered with or has some Photoshop been used to tweak parts of it? We live in a world where cameras are everywhere. Depending on where you live, you probably grace hundreds of lenses […] More

  • Red is an attractive color.

    5 Qualities In Women That Men Find Attractive, According To Science

    What Men Find Attractive in Women __ Besides Looks!

    What Men Secretly Find Sexy in Women ? Unsurprisingly, (mostly male) scientists have done gobs of research trying to figure out what women want in men.They have spent much less time uncovering the reverse: what makes women attractive to men. Since the beginning of time men and women have been looking for the perfect formula to […] More

  • #7. When the paper is more interesting than what Donald has to say. But to be honest, anything is more interesting than him.
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    The Guy Who REFUSED To Let A Flood Interrupt His Starbucks Is Now A Star.

    ‘Starbucks Uncle’ is the hero we all need

    The Internet Can’t Get Enough of This Guy Who Refused to Let a Flood Interrupt His Coffee Routine A Hong Kong man, affectionately dubbed “Starbucks Uncle” by social media, had one strategy when the coffee shop began to flood: keep calm and hang out. Hong Kong has been experiencing heavy flooding and rainstorms from Super […] More

  • #7. This is a real pic of the whale trying to touch the diver. It looks like they are giving each other a high five!

    Amazing ‘When You See It’ Photos That Take Forever To Figure Out.

    People love take pictures and people love to look at pictures. Photos are mostly taken to remember an event that they attended or to share something they saw with friends and family. Sometimes they don’t turn out as they were originally intended though and they turn out to be accidentally funny. They are also a […] More

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    16 Top Celebrities Halloween Costumes of 2016 But Rihanna Went Too Far.

    Best Dressed Of The Week

    Some stars really don’t hold back when it comes to creative Halloween costumes. When it comes to Halloween costumes, nobody does it better than the celebrities. Maybe it has something to do with their team of hair and makeup experts. Nonetheless, we got to give credit where it’s due. When you’re a celebrity in Hollywood […] More

  • Think different ! apple macbooks 2018

    Apple’s New MacBooks Will Come With E-Ink Keyboards

    It’s Goodbye QWERTY, Hello Emojis as Apple Rethinks the Keyboard

    Tech giant is working on a laptop that will be able to carry any alphabet, special commands and symbols Apple is reportedly working with on a new keyboard for its laptops that will dynamically change what characters appear on the keys, depending on what apps are being used. That means your MacBook keys could soon […] More

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