6 Things you’re doing that can shorten your life

Are you sitting down while reading this? Well that could be shortening your lifespan. ?

All people at some purpose in our life have a scan on a way to increase lifetime. So, however concerning observing things that you just most likely already do right now and see if they may be making your days alive shorter? These everyday things really truncate our life. These habits could seem innocent however overdoing something will have a serious impact on our health. Let’s cross-check 6 everyday things you’re most likely doing which will doubtless shorten your lifespan. Let’s additionally attempt to eliminate these behaviors from our lives

1- You Sit Too Much


Minus 2 years from your life if you sit for quite 3 hours each day. A study revealed within the JAMA medical specialty found that sitting for over eleven hours every day increased the chance of death by 40 % over the next 3 years, compared with sitting for beneath four hours on a daily basis.

2- You Watch too much TV

Harvard researchers believe that Stuck to the idiot box just for 2 hours each day will result in an increased risk of premature death, heart condition and sort two diabetes. Not convinced? according to the new york Times, “every single hour of tv watched after the age of twenty five reduces the viewer’s lifespan by 21.8 minutes.” Defy these specialists and take the danger if you would like to. but that will cost your life.

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