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5 Bad Dating Habits You Need To Avoid In 2019

Dating is all about trial and error, so it makes total sense that most of us flock to some tried-and-true dating advice to help us get through it. And when things don’t exactly work out like they do in our dreams, it’s totally natural to assume we’re doing something wrong. There must be a magic formula to getting love right, right?

Okay, if we’re going to be completely honest with ourselves, 2018 wasn’t exactly the best year for a lot of us in the realms of love and romance. A lot of us have been thrust into situations that we weren’t equipped to handle. We ended up making a lot of mistakes that have only driven us farther from the love that we so desperately want for ourselves.

You have to know that your mistakes in the past don’t define who you are and they definitely don’t define the future that you’re going to have. Just because you messed up in love in the past doesn’t mean that you’re not meant to find love. Just because you found yourself losing relationships doesn’t mean that you aren’t loveable.

You might have just been guilty of a few bad dating habits that led you to be single and alone as the new year approaches. But don’t fret, if you’re still feeling lost in love, then this article is going to help bring you out of the hole that you’ve been digging for yourself.

Here are 5 of the most common bad dating habits people fall into – if you recognise any in yourself take steps to change them and you may find that your dating becomes much more successful.

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